Egypt can be explored in just a couple of days or over the course of many weeks. If you only have a few days to spare, you can embark on a quick vacation that will take you on a whirlwind tour through the astounding main attractions and it will not disappoint. A trip to Egypt can also have a very long duration, taking you to Cairo, Upper Egypt, the Red Sea and beyond. There is no shortage of things to do and see in Egypt and any trip to Egypt can be one well-spent, so long as you plan properly and do your research beforehand. Egypt has more to offer than just the Great Pyramids of Giza and the bustling metropolis of Cairo. At Go Elite Club, we offer a wide-range of luxury tours of varying lengths and levels of luxury to fit every need. Whether you only have a week to spare or even a month, we can make your trip to Egypt worthwhile while still being affordable. 

The duration of your trip to Egypt depends on what you want to see and what parts of the country you want to explore. If you want to include a Nile River Cruise along Upper Egypt (which is highly recommended), you should consider giving yourself at least a week at minimum. If you want to also include a relaxing beach holiday along the shores of Egypt’s stretch of the Red Sea, you may need even more time but it will give you a more well-rounded tour of Egypt and allow you to experience more of its versatile terrains and landscapes. 

Take a Trip to Egypt in Just One Week

If you are limited to only seven days, you can still have a whirlwind experience in Egypt. One week is actually perfect to get the best out of Egypt. You may not be able to embark on a Nile Cruise but you can still visit Upper Egypt, you will just have to go by land. Our seven-day Egypt itinerary will take you on the top highlights and attractions in Egypt without feeling like it is too jam-packed and stressful, allowing you ample time to rest. With seven days, you will be able to visit the most famous ancient sites of Cairo, the heart and bustling capital of Egypt. After getting your fill of ancient monuments and urban landscapes, you will travel over to Alexandria, the Mediterranean coastal jewel of Egypt where you can explore a treasure trove of Roman-era monuments. After this, get your dose of Upper Egypt magic with a quick yet delightful journey to Luxor, where you will uncover the magic and whimsy of Ancient Egyptian civilization through monuments, artifacts and, of course, temples. 

Spending Eight Days in Egypt Luxuriously

By just adding one day, you give yourself time to be able to embark on a Nile Cruise and explore all the ancient charms of Egypt between the Upper Egypt cities of Luxor and Aswan. From the whimsy of Old Cairo to the magnificence of Abu Simbel, eight days of Caro is enough to span 5000 years of Egyptian history. You will be able to see all the greatest historical sites and then some. 

Elevate Your Trip to Egypt with 11 Days of Touring 

By giving yourself 11 days, you open the door to a wealth of different combinations. You can either decide to go on a cultural escapade through the heart of Egypt and bask in all the seductive chaos of Cairo then treat yourself to a serene Nile Cruise in Upper Egypt, getting a satisfying dose of history, culture and nature. Over 11 days, you can unravel the history of Egypt at leisure and complete luxury. 

If you want to include a nice little beach holiday to end off the trip, this is also possible with just 11 days. You will have ample time to discover all of Cairo’s most sought after sites from Ancient Egyptian ones to Islamic and Coptic and beyond. After that, get your fix of Upper Egypt charm by cruising down the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, visiting a number of unique sites located on the shores of that stretch of land where the pharaohs once ruled all of Egypt from. Finish off the trip with a tranquil few days on Egypt’s stunning Red Sea at a luxurious resort.  

12 Days of Luxury in Egypt 

With 12 days, you will be able to bask in the glory of Cairo and Upper Egypt with leisure and ample time. Dive into the details of Cairo’s history, cultural and archaeological sites from the Islamic, Coptic, Pharaonic, Roman eras and everything in between. After getting your fix of Cairene culture, hop on a quick flight over to Aswan to board your luxurious Nile Cruise and explore all the enigmatic sites left behind the Ancient Egyptians.

A Two-Week Trip to Egypt and the UAE

Two weeks is more than enough time to visit the best that Egypt has to offer. That is why we recommend that you combine the trip with the neighboring UAE if you have this ample time to space. Unravel the splendid beauty of Egypt over seven days, taking in the glory of Cairo and Upper Egypt through a whirlwind tour of the bustling metropolis and then a classic yet luxurious tour through Upper Egypt’s hidden and most sought after historical gems. Bask in the glorious natural sites along the Nile before flying over to the UAE to visit the modern marvels of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

16 Days Can Take You to Egypt and Jordan

With almost three weeks, you can not only take a full 11 days in Egypt to discover all its rich cultural sites and unspoiled nature but you can also take a Nile Cruise, see Cairo and then head over to neighboring Jordan for five days of cultural immersion from the Dead Sea to Petra. This is ideal if you are a true history lover and want to get the most out of your long vacation.