Most people do not know that Egypt is actually characterized by more than just ancient sites and sprawling deserts. It is actually home to an incredible diversity of cities, terrains, cultures, histories and archeological sites. Whether you only have a few days to spare, you can still experience a few different parts of Egypt outside of just Cairo. This is thanks to the close proximity of all of Egypt’s cities and towns as well as the number of different transportation options available for taking you across the ancient lands.

We have compiled the best places to visit in Egypt by trying to cover the variety of destinations, activities, moods and leisure that it offers. From historical and urban explorations in Cairo to ultimate relaxation at the Red Sea’s glistening shores to enjoying a tranquil Nile River Cruise experience in Upper Egypt between Luxor and Aswan, there is endless activities, places, peoples and things to experience in Egypt. We have picked the most popular places to visit in Egypt, that capture the wide spectrum of experiences one can have in Egypt in only a few days. 

Obviously Cairo is one of the Top Places to Visit in Egypt

places to visit in egypt

The city that truly never sleeps and is always buzzing with activity, Cairo is one of the most alluring cities in the Middle East due to its cosmopolitan allure, historic charm and urban setting. Set on the Nile River, the famous Cairo is home to the Pyramid Complex, a wealth of world-class museums, unique architecture that spans thousands of years across a number of different eras and period. Cairo is the favorite city among many travelers with people always strangely drawn and compelled to come back. It is enchanting and intoxicating to anyone who visits.

We recommend checking off the historical sites one by one, going to the Great Pyramids of course to marvel at thousands of years of progress and civilization. You should also pay a visit to the different museums scattered around from the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization to the smaller but equally as rich Gayer-Anderson Museum in Old Cairo. From there you should pay a visit to the amazing Khan El Khalili, Darb Al-Ahmar and all the other hidden gems that are overflowing in Islamic and Coptic Cairo. 

Dahab: The Unexpected Paradise Within Egypt

places to visit in egypt

Tucked away in the Sinai Peninsula, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sits the magical little secluded paradise known as Dahab. In the southeast region of the Sinai Peninsula, the little diving and snorkeling spot is popular among adventure seekers and nature lovers. Like the nearby Sharm El-Sheikh, it is a perfect spot for relaxing by the beach, unwinding and doing a bunch of water and desert adventures. Due to its unique location between the mountains and the sea, the little goldmine is full of loads of activities to keep you on your toes the whole time. Whether a camel trek or a jeep safari or a glass bottom boat, you will find a lot of ways to explore the hidden beauty and grandeur of the unspoiled spot. Due to all of this, it is easy to see why Dahab is known as one of the most special places to visit in Egypt. 

Sahl Hasheesh is the Luxurious Beach Getaway You May Have Never Heard Of

places to visit in egypt

Popular among locals looking for a respite from the city life, the Red Sea beach town of Sahl Hasheesh has mastered the art of luxury and relaxation. Since many of its hotels and resorts are for adults only, the atmosphere there is very serene, quiet and relaxing. From there you get to enjoy all the best the Red Sea has to offer. From snorkeling to diving and beyond, there is a lot of underwater activities that will allow you to discover the stunning world that exists below the unassuming surface of the water. Sahl Hasheesh is known for its incredible azure waters, wide variety of fish and underwater aquatic life and fish species. Of course, the grand show is actually the amazing coral reef colonies that color the water. 

Sahl Hasheesh is made for people that want full relaxation and pampering and do not want to exert too much effort. You can stay at an all-inclusive, luxurious hotel that provides all the services you need to completely enjoy yourself. Spend your days relaxing by the beach, splashing around in the water, eating mouthwatering foods and basking at the beauty of the Red Sea’s underwater ecosystem

Luxor and Aswan Must Be Included in Places to Visit in Egypt

places to visit in egypt

A love story to Ancient Egypt, Luxor and Aswan were once two of the most important cities in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians left behind thousands of years of history in the form of temples, monuments, ruin and tons of artifacts. The best way to explore these sites with ease is to book a Nile Cruise that will take you between all the important sights between Luxor and Aswan. All the major attractions of Upper Egypt exist in this little stretch between the two citites. Luxor and Aswan alone are full of a treasure trove of artifacts, monuments, temples and statues that will blow your mind. 

You do not need a long time to explore all of this. The best part about the Nile Cruise is that it takes you to all the ancient sites on scheduled and timely excursions. From there you stop at the famous Karnak Temple, the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Temple of Isis, the Valley of the Kings and you even have the option to add a visit to Abu Simbel if time permits in your itinerary. Going on an Egypt Nile Cruise is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to experience the splendor of the Nile and its surrounding historical sites. This can be combined with a trip to Cairo and even a relaxing visit to one of the many Red Sea resort towns.