While planning a trip to Egypt, it is of vital importance to create an Egypt Packing List to alleviate the stress and ensure you have everything you need to make the trip as smooth as possible. To reduce the risk of forgetting something important, we have curated a list of the most important things to include. From carry-on essentials to basic necessities and beyond, we have got you covered.

Carry-On Essentials to Include in Your Egypt Packing List

Official Documents

Your carry-on should include all your flight essentials and official documents. Be sure to have your passport, proof of your e-visa (you can also get this in the airport if you are from the handful of eligible countries), medical and travel insurance cards, boarding pass, valid PCR test and vaccination certificate (be sure to check all guidelines and rules before flying to Egypt to ensure your documents are valid and eligible in Egypt).

It is best to pack and organize these items in an easily accessible pocket in your carry-on. For complete safety, be sure to make photo copies of your documents as well. Along with these things, if you are able to get your hands on some Egyptian currency or banknotes, that will be helpful in tipping in the airport and paying for your visa if you did not sign up for an e-visa online. 

Be sure your passport will not expire in less than six months, or else you will not be able to travel and will be in for an unpleasant surprise when trying to check in to your flight. If you have to renew, make sure you apply for it with ample time to make sure it arrives before you are set to travel. It is best to have your passport updated nine months before the expiration date to avoid any unexpected difficulties or even cancellations. Along with checking the expiration, something else you should keep in mind when putting together your Egypt packing list is that your passport has enough space on its pages for visa stamps. Most countries only need a quarter of the page for the stamp, however, you have to keep in consideration that some countries may require half of a passport page or even more in some any instances. 

Sort Out Your Financial Business 

Part of your Egypt Packing List should also include your debit and credit cards. What is more important here is that you authorize all of your cards for international use to avoid any complications while abroad. Credit card providers always try to protect against fishy foreign transactions to make sure no one has obtained your details abroad. Notify your credit card company beforehand and inform them that you will be making overseas transactions. A quick phone call or updating the information on your online banking will help you avoid your account being suspended mid-trip. It is also recommended that you bring along a Forex card with extra cash to avoid those high exchange rates. Make sure to also take pictures of all fronts and backs of your cards for safekeeping.  

International Adapters and Chargers

Make sure to also bring an international adaptor that works for multiple countries. This is especially important if you have a transfer of layover before getting to Egypt and want to make sure your laptop or tablet is always fully charged wherever you go. Don’t forget to pack all your chargers and earbuds as well. 

Comfort Essentials 

In terms of staying hydrating and to avoid having your plastic water bottles thrown out at security checks, it is handy to keep an empty reusable water bottle with you and fill it up after. If you’re going to have a long flight, bring with you some portable travel-size skin care like a hydrating face mask, moisturizer, sunscreen and lip care. Other essentials for your Egypt packing list should include hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, stain remover and a small first-aid kit just in case. For smokers, you may end up in an airport without smoking rooms and you can’t smoke on planes, so packing a nicotine patch or gum will help alleviate the smoking cravings while traveling.

To keep you comfy all throughout your journey and if you have enough room in your carry-on, bring a blanket, small pillow, eye mask, protein-heavy, low-carb snacks and earplugs. If you are bringing along your laptop or tablet, be sure to download a couple of movies or bring a book to keep yourself entertained. 

Travel Insurance 

Be sure to add to your Egypt packing list possibly registering for travel insurance. This can be helpful if your luggage is misplaced, or if you fall ill while abroad, or in case you have to cancel or even miss your connecting flight. All of this is usually covered by travel insurance. It can be particular helpful in streamlining the traveling process, saving money and offering you peace of mind while traveling.

Staying in Touch 

Part of your Egypt packing list should be to check in on how you will be communicating while abroad. You should either contact your network provider to ensure you have a roaming internet plan or prepare to get a local SIM card from Egypt upon arrival at the airport. Agencies like ours will be able to provide you with a SIM card upon arrival to ensure you have a stable internet and calling connection throughout the duration of your stay. 

Prescription Medications and Vitamins

Keep in mind that a lot of the medications from abroad are not always readily available in Egypt. If you regularly take a prescription medication, make sure to bring an ample amount with you. To avoid any issues at airport security, be sure to bring the prescription written by your doctor for each medication. We also recommend having your doctor or physician write you a prescription for the antibiotic ciprofloxacin before heading out. 

Clothing to Include in Your Egypt Packing List 

Be sure to include clothes that are appropriate for Egypt as it is a bit more of a conservative country. The weather can be hot in the summer but revealing clothing may not always be your best bet. Pack loose fitting clothes that covers your shoulders, chest and falls below the knees.

What NOT to Include in Your Egypt Packing List

Drones are not allowed in Egypt and you may find yourself in some serious trouble should you decide to bring one. So, leave your drone at home and opt for a normal camera instead.